Rights of Involuntary Patients

The Rights of Involuntary Patients

As an involuntary patient at the hospital you have the right, consistent with AMC policy, to:

  • Understand the legal process by which you are being confined in the hospital against your will. Staff is available to discuss the details with you and explain the reasons to you.
  • Take part in discussions and decisions with members of the treatment team concerning your condition, transfer to other hospitals, discharge or continuing care following discharge.
  • Understand and use your rights. If you do not understand your rights, our staff will help you to understand and use them.
  • Receive all information that you need to understand any tests that are being performed or treatment that is given to you.
  • Be treated in a considerate, confidential and respectful manner.
  • Know the name and position of the doctors in charge of your care.
  • Know where you are allowed to smoke.
  • Know the titles and professions of medical staff caring for you.
  • Be treated in a clean, safe building.
  • Receive emergency care if you need it.
  • Receive full details about your diagnosis, treatment and any possible long-term effects of your illness.
  • Receive the best possible quality of care in accordance with pre-established standards.