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Accra Medical Centre (AMC) is a wholly-owned Ghanaian Medical Service Provider (MSP) offering Primary Health Care and Emergency Medical Services to corporate clients, individuals, families and private health insurance cardholders within the Greater Accra and Western Regions.
AMC located at Ringway Estates, Osu, Accra, was incorporated in the Republic of Ghana on 22 November 2011 and opened its doors for outpatient services on Monday 13 February 2012 as a General and Internal Medicine Practice, Physician Specialist Clinic, Surgical and Diagnostics Centre, to help fill the void to accessible and reliable customer-oriented healthcare services.
Among our objectives is to assist in ongoing efforts to improve access to healthcare within Ghana by providing services geared at preventive medicine and screening services for cardiovascular risk factors and diseases such as Hypertension, Diabetes and Hyperlipidemia and also to screen for precancerous and early stage malignancies using available and approved screening tools.
AMC operates from its headquarters in Accra and two onsite facilities in Tarkwa and Damang in the Western Region. Our strategy is to serve clients in the Eastern Corridor of Ghana out of the Accra Clinic with support from affiliate medical providers, and clients in the Western Corridor from our Tarkwa Hub.
AMC currently employs over 150 medical and health care professionals.




  • “A Healthier Happier Client: Transforming Healthcare through Patient-Centered Care”.


  • Safe, high quality, people-centered, compassionate care in an ultra - modern ambience


  • • Recognize the client and patient as the reason we are here
  • • Achieve the highest evidence-based international standards in a safe, caring environment
  • • Educate the client, patients, families, other stakeholders and staff using our clinical and professional expertise
  • • Structure services to ensure sustainable quality and cost
  • • Collaborate with our stakeholders to advocate for health system reforms and improvements
  • • Build client and staff confidence in AMC


  • Respect –  Treating clients, patients, colleagues and all other stakeholders with professionalism and empathy.
  • Accountability – Taking ownership and responsibility, and meeting the highest standards of governance. 
  • Integrity –  Delivering a transparent, trusted, confidential, ethical service, where people do the right things for the right reasons.
  • Service – Above all, caring for and acting in the best interests of our clients, patients and the community.
  •  Excellence – Aspiring to be the best in all we do.

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AMC seeks to deliver a healthcare which is at par with Internationally Accepted Standards by ;

Providing our clients expedited patient-centred care.

Offering a comprehensive service in a one-stop-shop facility

Offering excellent personalised customer service.

Pricing our services competitively to ensure affordability.

Continuously seeking to satisfy the client by customizing our services to meet the demanding client needs and pain points.

Expanding our scope of service to meet the demand of our clients.

Our location offers easy accessibility for our clients/patients.

Providing a safe, friendly ultra-modern ambiance for clients and staff.

Hiring of dedicated and motivated staff.

Paying competitive wages to attract and retain the most qualified personnel.